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We are recognised as one of the leading providers of Physiotherapy and related services in West Sussex.

We have a team of experts who are committed to excellence in clinical standards and customer services so if you have an injury, pain stiffness we can help you get back to being your best.









What people say about us...

"Alan Law is an excellent physio. Facing imminent surgery to release a frozen shoulder I readily accepted Alan's offer of physio to relieve my symptoms. Two weeks of intensive physio combined with acupuncture and I was back swimming competitively shortly after. Great job Alan. A big thanks."

"After taking up playing Squash I was getting wrist and elbow ache. I saw Alan Law and he was so helpful in making sure I had not got an underlying injury. He showed me good exercises and stretching movements of my arms to prevent an injury. I happily play Squash twice a week with no problems

"Alan is a fantastic physiotherapist who knows his stuff and is brilliant at meeting the needs of his clients! He works very hard and has an excellent reputation across West Sussex. I definitely would recommend."

Mark Davis

Teresa Phillips

Laura Perry

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