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What people say about us...

"I have known Alan for About 3 years and since that time my family and I have benefited greatly from Alan's skills as a physiotherapist, personal trainer and class fitness instructor. He is meticulous in his approach all from initial assessment through to treatment program and advice on exercise and lifestyle, welcoming feedback at all times as to it's effectiveness. I am to have cardiac surgery soon due to a congenital defect and I am looking forward, after a suitable recovery period to working with Alan to restore and then improve my fitness levels to new heights."

"Alan helped me enormously after a broken ankle with rounds of incredible physiotherapy - My NHS consultant was staggered by how quickly and how well I was walking in my follow up appointments, given I had to have the ankle moved 3 times to get it back in the right place during my 7 weeks in plaster. Alan helped me from using crutches to climb up and down steps correctly and safely, through to one, then none. My gait was constantly checked on to ensure I refrained from any long term or lasting problems and I now do not suffer from any effects whatsoever from the original break. I can't thank him enough for getting me back on my feet, quite literally!"

"You go a long way to find an excellent physio, luckily Alan was right on my doorstep. I first sought his advice with an Achilles problem which he sorted in no time! I had re occurring calf problems, again Alan sourced the root of the problem and since following his advice, I’ve had no further issues and been able to run for the first time in 4 years. I find Alan diligent, professional, and empathic and above all a complete expert regarding sports injuries. I was recommended to Alan and I would certainly (and have!) recommend him."

Rick Anderson

Diana Parker

Zoe Tetlow

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