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Personal Training

At Alan Law Physiotherapy our Personal Training Team offers a variety of options that you can choose from, whether you are looking for face to face, one to one personal training sessions or a weekly training programme that you can follow at home we can meet your

By taking the time to listen and understand each of our clients, finding out what motivates you, what sort of exercise you enjoy and how your body responds to the different stimuli of training, we can maximise each training session for optimal results for each of our clients.

We recognise that every athlete and sports person is an individual and needs to be treated as such, and you have your own goals to achieve and challenges to overcome.





















You may choose to come for weekly face to face sessions to help you keep on track and really maximise your time, or love having one of our Personal Trainers write you a weekly training plan for you to follow at home, this allows you to tell us exactly what times you have available so we can build bespoke personal training sessions targeted at achieving your goals.

We are proud to be part of each client’s fitness journey, be it rehabilitation after an injury, losing weight, building muscle mass, being fit enough to run a park run, or completing an Ironman Triathlon. Each goal is challenging in its own way and anyone taking on any fitness journey has our respect.


We are here to offer support, motivation, nutritional advice and of course the training sessions. Please check out some of the results we have achieved with our trained athletes.

All our Personal Trainers are insured and on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)



You can do it

What are you wanting to achieve?

  • Rehabilitation after an Injury

  • Weight lose

  • Building muscle mass

  • Increasing fitness

  • Training for an event

  • Nutritional advice

  • Increased motivation

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What people say about us...

"I have recently completed my first Ironman, being coached by Sarah and treatment by Alan and his team. It was a great success. They provided training plans, nutrition, massage, orthotics and also sourced Topo Athletic running shoes which were ideal."

"I have been training with Sarah for just over a year and she has helped me achieve all of my goals. She is the best "

"Due to ageing joints and old injuries Alan has adapted my training to keep me as fit as possible. I am always challenged by Alan's workouts and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer."

Beck Elder

Monika Ahmet

John Brookes

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